Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Best Christmas Billboard EVER!

Sorry I've been lame about posting the past week!  Some unexpected distractions have occurred, but things are leveling out.  I'm not a big holiday person, so I should be relatively around to post through the holiday weekend in case you're looking for boredom busters or distractions from too much family time.

Speaking of family time, my good friend Adam in NYC posted this amazing photo on his Facebook yesterday:

And as Adam aptly added in his personal caption, "Lol, gotta love new york! Lets also not forget the messiahs Attis, Sol Invictus, Dionysis, Bacchus, and the ancient Egyptian god Horus, without them there would be no story of Jesus." 

Touche!  As I've mentioned several times, I don't get too hung up on what people believe vs. don't believe so much.  But what I do get caught up on, and therefore creates a bit of a catch-22 with my laissez faire stance, is the fact that most religions make no sense from a historical, scientific, or factual stance.  How can one ignore all other Jesus type tales that came well before Christianity?  There's faith...and then there's stupidity.  Just sayin'...

I heart this picture of a billboard.  I hope you do too.  Just start telling people that you're excited to be "Horus like" this holiday season and see how baffled people get. 


  1. While there are certainly similarities between the life of Jesus and various other deities, this billboard is bullshit. In mythology, Mithras was born from a rock, already in adult form. There is also zero evidence that his birth date was December 25th. As far as disciples go, being a sun god, his metaphorical disciples would have been the signs of the zodiac/the 12 months. I have also been unable to find anything sourced that points toward any sort of resurrection of Mithras.

    Not that it matters, but the birth date of Jesus isn't December 25th either.

    I would be a bit more careful as to what you present as fact.

    1. refer below, please be a bit more careful

  2. Zeitgeist has a lot to answer for.

  3. thebritisharecomingNovember 21, 2012 at 7:56 PM

    @Kyle S

    1) Hundreds of years before Jesus, according to the Mithraic religion, three Wise Men of Persia came to visit the baby savior-god Mithra, bring him gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense.

    2) Mithra was born on December 25 as told in the “Great Religions of the World”, page 330; “…it was the winter solstice celebrated by ancients as the birthday of Mithraism’s sun god”.

    3) According to Mithraism, before Mithra died on a cross, he celebrated a “Last Supper with his twelve disciples, who represented the twelve signs of the zodiac.

    4) After the death of Mithra, his body was laid to rest in a rock tomb.

    5) Mithra had a celibate priesthood.

    6) Mithra ascended into heaven during the spring (Passover) equinox (the time when the sun crosses the equator making night and day of equal length).

    7)There is reference to Mithra as being born of "Anahita, the Immaculate Virgin Mother of the Lord Mithras". Anahita was said to have conceived the Mithras from the seed of Zarathustra preserved in the waters of Lake Hamun in the Persian province of Sistan. In other, contradictory traditions, he is also born without any sex but from the rock wall of a cave. One must know that there were separate Mithra traditions that may have changed and been adapted over time. This information comes from a Temple that bears this inscription dedicated to Anahita and dated to about 200 B.C.E..