Monday, November 12, 2012

Virgin Mary "sighting" in Malaysia. Ughh.

The Huffington Post is reporting that a hospital in Malaysia is now a point of interest for tons of Catholics because there's a stain on the wall that a hospital worker could not clean away.  Here is the image:

I don't believe in religion at all, but even casting that aside I don't see Mary.  I see a stain.  And if I must play inkblots I guess it looks like someone walking in some flow-y garment.  What kills me about these Virgin Mary sightings isn't just the sheer ridiculousness of it all, but how egocentric it all is.  What if there is a god and he keeps putting up these mostly abstract stains or imprints that may or may not look like people...who's to say it's someone in your religion?  What if there's a real goddess, named I don't know,... Gertrude Bertha, and god is trying to get us to see her and correct all of our false idol BS?  If you can't make out the face exactly because it's too vague, there's no way for you to be sure it's who you want it to be.  I see this as pure projection...and crazy.

Sure, I don't believe anything I said above about it being from god in any capacity.  But that doesn't take away from my point on how self centered religious people can be.  Of course so far the official word to Catholics is not to get too excited before an investigation proves this figure right or wrong, but that of itself is pretty infuriating too. 

I see pretty regular readership from to comment on your thoughts?


  1. Umm.....I see a unicorn galloping into the foreground. However, I dont claim it to be "proof" that unicorns exist. I claim it as proof that Malaysia doesnt have very good stain remover.

  2. Haha! I guess Malaysia doesn't have Simple Green + bleach?

  3. Desperate for redemption, for salvation, these folks seek out miracles at the oddest places. In truth, there are miracles around us everyday. They need to look around them and see how a multicultural, multi-religious society such as Malaysia (a predominantly Muslim nation) can live in peace and harmony, side by side with each community being able to practice their faiths in the open, without any reservation, hindrance or fear of judgement. In this day and age, that in itself is a miracle. They need to look through that hospital glass window, beyond Mary's image, to see the pain and suffering inside, and the daily miracle of human love and devotion present within. I'm a skeptic through and through, but if that was indeed an apparition of Mary herself, I think her true message for those folks would be to look through that glass window and pray for those behind her image inside that hospital; not to prostrate in the parking lot at her image seeking self salvation (that's what they're doing). Maybe that's why she appeared on a glass window outside the hospital, and not on some janitors closet door in the basement.
    Sanjeev Bedi

  4. Right. Obviously I don't believe it was Mary herself either, but I really like your message of looking past "the miracle" and trying to see the suffering within the hospital walls and the people helping. Thanks so much for responding, Sanjeev!